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“Thanks so much for Kiki, she is just the BEST companion for my kids. She is amazing and it’s exceptional how she bonded with my kids so quickly. She plays tirelessly and is so brilliant. She is just exactly what we’re looking for in a kitten. Thanks again, keep up the great Work, every dollar spent was worth it!”

Edwin - NYC

Thanks for the wonderful help and guidance throughout the purchasing process for Max. He is wonderful and we enjoy every second spent with him. Watching him grow is just so mind blowing. You did a great job in the early stage of his life. He is now a perfect friend to my son. I will definitely spread the word about your kittens. Thanks Mark, Thumbs Up!

Susan - El Paso, Tx

“I really appreciate you for being so patient with me. I was freaking out and nervous at first as I’m not used to buying off the internet but when I decided to engage in taking a Maine Coon Kitten, I stumbled on your website. I must say your Kitten is so passionate and you guys did an excellent job raising her. It’s been only a couple of days I got her but I feel like I have known her all my life. I am so grateful for getting this cute baby without much hassle. Thanks for your help. People like you make Maine Coon lovers smile and make safe purchases online.”

Isabelle - Atlanta, GA.

“My wife and I are so grateful for receiving our kitten this afternoon. We have been searching for the perfect one for a long time as we recently lost a 20 years old Cat. Pit is just the perfect replacement for our Maine Coon we lost. He is so gorgeous and Adorable.

Henry - Los Angeles, CA

“We are so impressed by your professional service and timely delivery. Everything came as you promised in a Little Travel Crate. I must say there are still some honest and good people in the world. Eric is adjusting just fine with our Persian Cat, they sure will be the best of friends. We purchase more food as the one you sent is almost running out. Eric is just an awesome addition to the family. We love her so much and would love to appreciate your work. Good Job Mark. Thanks again!”

Raphael - Altoona, PA

“Thanks for such an awesome service. We got the Kitten yesterday evening and just as we expected he was the best match for our little girl. She adores the best and couldn’t sleep all night. Our little girl couldn’t take her hands off Susy. We do appreciate everything. The process was so simple and fast! Thanks for bringing a smile to our family.”

Hillary - Columbus, OH